Interpreting  and translation slovak english Interpreting and translation slovak english
Services from/to Slovak and English


Range of Services

Simultaneous interpreting - an interpreter speaks almost simultaneously with a speaker usually using technical equipment.
Consecutive interpreting - an interpreter begins to speak after a speaker’s speech (or its part).
Whispered interpreting (chuchotage) - a specific type of simultaneous interpreting when an interpreter sits next to a speaker and whispers an interpreted version into his or her ear without using technical equipment.


base rate per hour 30,00 €
base rate per half a day (4 – 5 hours) 110,00 €
base rate per day (6 - 8 hours) 220,00 €

All prices are for information only. If you are interested I will prepare a specific bid depending on the type of interpreting, particular field, number of hours, and other factors. I am not a VAT payer. Zuzana Kyseľová
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